Spring is almost over here in the Smokies and everything is starting to warm up, including the fishing! The forecast is calling for lows in the mid 50s, highs in the 80s, and lots of scattered thunderstorms. These evening storms can sneak up on you fast so be careful on the water and always be aware of your surroundings!

GSMNP- Our hodgepodge of spring hatches is coming to an end and the two bugs we'll see primarily from now until the end of the summer is Yellow Sallies through the day and Sulphurs in the last hour or so before dark. We also fish a lot of bigger dry fly patterns as well as beetles and ants to imitate terrestrials. We're mainly fishing Pheasant Tails for our nymph patterns but other attractor nymphs will work well. We're catching most of our fishing using a dry and dropper rig.

Gatlinburg- The state has resumed the normal Gatlinburg stocking schedule of every Thursday as opposed to every other Thursday. Fishing is still closed on Thursdays but Friday and Saturday will be the best two days to fish. Bigger, brighter flies such as egg patterns, squirmy wormies, and Weenie patterns will work the best. Smaller streamers will also be effective, especially fished dead drift in the current.

Tight lines and come see us if you have any questions!