The weather here in the Smokies is finally settling down with the next while projected in the mid 70s temperature wise and not a lot of rain. The water temperature is now pretty much staying around optimum temperatures and the water is either going to be at optimum flows or a little low for a while.
Great Smoky Mountains-
We’re finally seeing our bug hatches that we were expecting last month. There’s a smorgasbord of mayflies hatching with Blue Quills, March Browns, and Blue Wing Olives being a few. We have been using yellow sallies coming off also. The Hendricksons should also start hatching soon. Nymphs that should work well are the usual tellicos, pheasant tails, and princes along with copper johns, especially in red, and the squirmy wormy in pink.
The fishing in Gatlinburg is no longer delayed harvest and there are still lots of big fish in the river from the tournament a couple weekends ago. If you’re fly fishing a Squirmy Wormy, Egg Pattern, or any other big bright fly should do pretty well. If you’re spin fishing we recommend either canned corn or nightcrawlers since bait is now legal again in town.
Thanks for reading and if you have any questions feel free to stop by the shop!