It is February 1st and 67 degrees outside. Looking at the extended forecast for February, it appears to be a pretty mild month with temperatures ranging from 40's to 60's. Hopefully that's going to keep the water in the 50's, for some happy trout and happy fishermen.

The Great Smoky Mountains-

We could really be in for some good fishing this month. Keep a good eye on the water temperature. Once the water reaches mid 50's, you'll be in business. We are just going to have to play this month by ear. Some days may be perfect conditions, but there are some days were rain looks very possible. You can continue using the same flies as last month. If you're out on a sunny, warm day try using some dry flies. I would suggest trying a dropper rig. Flies for this month do not change much from January. Stick to your basic patterns (Stimulators, Caddis, Adams, Pheasant Tails, Prince, Tellicos)


Until April 1st, we are still in Delayed Harvest for these stocked waters. Again, that means no bait and no keeping fish!

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