The phone has been off the hook of people asking for help on where to go with this low water. That is the one misconception here in the Smokies. Low water does not mean bad fishing, in fact it is easier to find them. The one thing that does get a little tougher have to be a little more stealthy.

We are having trips out everyday, and they are coming back very successful. Right now it is a dry fly fisherman's paradise. Trout are still hitting terrestrials like hoppers, beetles, and ants; but also hitting attractor patterns like a yellow or olive stimulator. If you want to throw a dropper I would just stick with a small pheasant tail. 

A few of the streams that are fishing better are... West Prong of The Little Pigeon River, Little River up high, and Deep Creek. There are more, those are just the best right now. 

As far as fishing in Gatlinburg right now, do not do it! It has not been stocked in 6 weeks. There was an issue with water temperatures that low. Gatlinburg will most likely not stock until middle of October.

If you have any questions just give us a call at the shop (865)436-8746