We are in our second week of March now and things are looking up. Water levels are ideal right now, even with the rain that we have received. Water temperatures are fluctuating between 50-54 degrees. So in terms of conditions, they are perfect. 

Great Smoky Mountains-

​Originally we had thought  this warmer weather would start the hatches early, but it has not. There are some small hatches going on right now, but not enough to make the fish target those bugs specifically. As of right now we are having a lot of luck on attractor patterns such as the Yellow or Orange Stimulator and a Purple Sparkle Adams. The nymphs that we are throwing are Squirmy Wormy's, Red Copper Johns, Pheasant Tails and Prince Nymphs. Most affective way to fish these patterns would be to throw them as a dry​ and dropper rig.


We are having pretty good luck in town on the weekends. We have had a few people fish it today and yesterday the 14th, with no avail. The fact that its almost done being a delayed harvest stretch. There more than likely are people poaching fish out of that stretch. So if you want to fish in town I would suggest going the weekend after stocking. As far as flies that are working, i would stick with the normal stocker flies. Like an Egg pattern, Squirmy Wormy, and Wooly Bugger.