We’re coming off a cold weekend here in the Smokies but the weather and water temps have bounced back nicely over the last couple days. We’re expecting some rain and a couple cooler days at the end of this week and the beginning of next but then the temperature should settle out around average.
Great Smoky Mountains- 
The bug activity starting to pick up in the Smokies so if you find a hatch definitely try and match it. Once the cold spell this weekend is over and the temperatures settle out around normal the hatches should increase. If nothing’s hatching then stick with the Stimulators and Purple Parachute Adams patterns if you’re looking to fish dries. Most of the fish will probably still be caught on nymphs such as the Prince, Pheasant Tail, Copper John, Tellico Nymph, or Squirmy Wormy. If you want to fish streamers a small Wooly Bugger could work but it definitely won’t be the most effective way to fish. The bugs that you’re most likely going to want to imitate are the Blue Quills, March Browns, Quill Gordons, and the Blue Winged Olives.
The fishing in town is picking up with the increasing temperatures. We’re still using a lot of bright egg patterns and Squirmy Wormy patterns in pretty much any color. The more mobile fisherman can strip a Wooly Bugger or similar pattern and pick up the more aggressive fish. The weekend after next (April 2nd and 3rd) Gatlinburg is hosting a trout tournament so if you’re interested than stop by the shop to get registered and gear up!