Great Smoky Mountains
It has warmed up a lot. The water temps are perfect and so are water levels. If you are not already down here, you defiantly should be! The fishing is great right now. The go to dry fly would definitely be a Yellow Sallie pattern. But we are also throwing yellow stimulators and yellow caddis. As far as nymphs go. The bead head  pheasant tail nymph has been on fire, even on slower days. The squirmy wormy of course is still working. Its a little too early for green inchworms and hopper patterns.

The water temperature is relatively warm, so i suggest to not handle the fish long. This stretch of river is stocked every Thursday. So the best days to fish are the weekend after. I would start the week throwing egg patterns and worm patterns and end the week throwing more natural patterns like a prince nymph.

 The bugs have come this year, pretty regularly.When you are fishing one of these sulphur hatches the best thing to do is not throw blindly. But chose the fish you want and cast to it until you catch it. Even if that means changing your flies a few times. You will be well rewarded if you practice this. When the water is generating  on our floats we have been doing great with a double streamer rig also.
Great Smoky Mountain National Park 
Clinch River