The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys in Spring are a paradise for fly fishing.  A huge tarpon migration, permit on the flats and some of the world's biggest bonefish, all in a beautiful, tropical setting, make the Keys a truly special place.  My April-May trips here focus on targeting these 3 great gamefish in skinny water flats fishing scenarios.  Years spent learning the tides down there enable me to put you where the fish are going to be.  If you've never been to the Keys before, let me introduce you to my favorite fishery in the world.  If you have fished them before, let me reintroduce you to the art of stalking the flats.  



Mosquito Lagoon, Florida

Mosquito Lagoon is a world-class redfish destination.  The inlet that supplies its salt water is so far from the main lagoon that tides here are almost unnoticeable.  So, it is basically like fishing a big lake with saltwater fish in it.  The sight fishing for redfish is incredible and a host of other fish including snook, tarpon, speckled trout, jack crevalle and black drum round out the catch.  This is a pristine fishery with its location in a national park which is nearly completely undeveloped.  I offer trips here in the winter (Dec/Jan/Feb) when the water is at its clearest and the sight fishing for redfish is at its best.  


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